• Blood

    Blood stains my clothes
    My life is but a dream
    But still
    …no one…... more »

  • Dream

    My life is but a dream
    Yet the hurt is real
    When I feel love, happiness
    Or any other emotion it... more »

  • Hell

    Hell wants me
    But I don’t want them
    Why? OH why does hell want me?
    I cannot understand why... more »

  • Love

    Love, what is love
    How can people fall
    In and out of love all
    The time... more »

  • My Life

    My life is but a dream
    My life seems so fake
    As if I am not in this body
    I do not know how to live... more »

  • War Hero

    I am General Robert E. Lee
    I fought for the confederacy,
    Though I was against slavery,
    I fought because my family lived... more »