I am a young writer and am passionate about speaking about topics that can affect the world. I represent Haryana, for playing Badminton and I contribute to various forums like magazines and websites. I have attended various courses to polish my writing skills. I write poetry about general topics. I write regularly and I have published three books in the past, namely, “ A Treasure Trove of Poetic Wonderland”, “My Book of Short Stories and Poems” and “A Bountiful of Rhythmic Stories”. I would like you to read my musings and leave your valuable feedback. Your feedback can help me develop as a writer, in all spheres. Thank you for your valuable time!


Tanvi Nagar Poems

Whom Should We Love

"You aren't perfect for each other!
How can you two be lovers? "
It hasn't happened till now,
That a swan has loved a cow.... more »


"Get out of our way, weirdo! " they shouted,
I felt like I was being crushed under a mountain,
My heart pounded in my chest, tears came next,
I felt lonely, fallen and devastated.... more »

Dear Love

Dear love, I have always wanted to understand you more,
But first of all, you must know you are the one who I most adore.
Dear love, will you stand by me through the most rugged journeys of all?
Dear love, as years pass by will you be there still standing strong?... more »

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Trucy Schwann 23 Mar 2018 01:22
Wow This is simply beautiful and wonderfully penned. Thanks for sharing