• Dear Love

    Dear love, I have always wanted to understand you more,
    But first of all, you must know you are the one who I most adore.
    Dear love, will you stand by me through the most rugged journeys of all?
    Dear love, as years pass by will you be there still standing strong?... more »

  • Dear North Star

    Dear pole star, I dedicate this to you,
    Because in my mind lies a question, why do you not twinkle like other stars do?
    Do you like to be there in the sky all alone?
    Do you want to rest, after the way to weary travellers you have shown?... more »

  • Dear Rose

    Dear rose, you don't utter a word, yet I hear your soft whispers,
    Every time I hear you, questions rise within me, satisfy my hunger,
    When spring has just arrived by a loved one's graveside, why do you bloom?
    On corners of graves, which behold memories, long since entombed.... more »

  • Melted

    "Get out of our way, weirdo! " they shouted,
    I felt like I was being crushed under a mountain,
    My heart pounded in my chest, tears came next,
    I felt lonely, fallen and devastated.... more »

  • Motherhood-A Special Bond

    I dissolve into deep bliss,
    As I plant on your cheek a sweet kiss,
    In those silent moments of love we share,
    We slide our hands into each others as I gently care,... more »

  • Waiting For The Rain

    Past dragged me into it's venomous tracks, I couldn't escape,
    Those days felt like they had been recorded on a tape,
    So crystal clear they are,
    I drifted into that world that is away from this one, very far,... more »

  • Wanderlust-A Heart's Longing

    My heart aches for another breeze to brush by me gently,
    My road of life is shaped by the curvaceous path of destiny,
    My dwelling is in every creek, in every cave by the mountain side,
    I don't have a solitary who keeps my secrets, in whom I confide,... more »

  • Whom Should We Love

    "You aren't perfect for each other!
    How can you two be lovers? "
    It hasn't happened till now,
    That a swan has loved a cow.... more »