• Getting Thru Pain

    Not knowing what the answers are,
    Not knowing what to do,
    Sometimes I feel everyone is so far,
    From understanding what I go through.... more »

  • Hard Times

    (This is a poem about a time in my life, where I needed to talk to someone but no-one was there, I just needed someone to understand.)

    Having the greatest of times,
    But when I'm alone, I feel so down,... more »

  • Keeping Strong

    I know it's tough and it's gonna be,
    but you gotta keep strong.... more »

  • Why?

    Why do people ignore you, but in their time of need turn you?
    Why do you help everyone when they tell you not to take on the world?... more »

  • You'Re Never Alone

    You may be going through a tough time in life,
    But their is always going to be someone you can talk to,... more »