• Allow It So

    Why do you do it? How could you allow it so?
    Embraces, and words... more »

  • Because You Asked Me To

    Watch in silence, stunned silence
    As I build a box, a wooden box, exact to size... more »

  • Comment Or Jest

    Why is it that when our
    eyes meet so much is said,
    but a word is never spoken?
    And every time we exchange... more »

  • Didn'T See You Coming

    i didn't see you coming
    how could i have known... more »

  • If

    And if I cut my wrist
    would I bleed all of which you put into me?
    If I laid down and died
    would the tears that caused cease to be?... more »

  • She Cries

    She cries
    and to watch her do so is….beautiful.... more »

  • Stumble Every Time

    Oh, I try so hard
    to walk a straight line
    but intoxicated by neglect
    I stumble every time... more »

  • Unexpected

    I'm spilling with emotion, with thoughts
    with feelings, with words
    There's just one catch though
    see, I have no heart, so how can this be?... more »

  • Was Once A Girl

    There was once a girl
    A girl with the sweetest of smiles
    A girl with a crown of pitch black ringlets
    She woke everyday only to be torn down... more »