He is a student of B.A English Literature and always love literature of English.He want to write many novels and poetry, quotes and other inspiring things with his view of life.He loves music very much and wants to be a singer.He belongs to a lower middle family.His nature is deeply connected with the view of soul.He wants to know that who create the creater.


Tapesh Kumar Poems

Me Met Myself

when i met myself, sudden appear an angel from heaven,
she looked at me with her divine eyes
i forget my nature of being human,
my heart slough off the body and stepped in her eyes,... more »


Don't you know that novice ape?

Appeared from an unknown place... more »

Tapesh Kumar Quotes

people always try to find what is interesting in everything but i always try to make interesting something.
it gives me a lot of love and creativity about view of life.

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