Tapiwa Bengewa Biography

Tapiwa Bengewa is a visionary, hardworking, energetic young man brought up in the streets of Masvingo in a family of five. Tapiwa was born in the mining town of Zvishavane on the 27th of August 2001. He was raised in the middle-density suburb, Hillside, by both his parents even though his father worked across the whole Southern Africa.
Tapiwa has always enjoyed writing, a talent that has been chiselled over the years and crafted into a fine art by many hands. For the past years his core business has been public speaking, poetry, motivation and debate. He launched project Wekwedu that is directed towards economic empowerment of marginalised women and young people in Southern Africa. It is responding to the economic challenges that women and young people face in trying to earn an adequate and resilient standard of living in an environment characterised by lack of job opportunities.
Tapiwa has been a consistent Sunday Mail Bridge contributor, he a number of articles published by different media houses across Zimbabwe. Tapiwa was a member of the Junior Parliament of Zimbabwe assuming the post of Masvingo District Senator. Tapiwa draws his inspiration from observing the lives of those around him with the never-ending stories his mother, best friend, relentlessly shares with him covering a wide range of themes. Tapiwa has a great concern for the future of Africa thus he works tirelessly in trying to work towards the sustainable development goals.
Tapiwa believes that every human being has a unique flair and if nurtured well it can benefit communities. He is passionate about encouraging the youth to accept, embrace and implement their gifts.