• ? ? ?

    This is my ground, where I will go
    Where I thought always would be green
    I was sleeping
    Now, all the dreams vanished... more »

  • A Bird

    like a puzzle which i can't find the parts
    i don't know who am i,
    where do i come from?
    when i started to live?... more »

  • A Prayer

    you left me in this terrifying dark
    with these dark glasses/
    i'm blind/no GOD
    not just blind... more »

  • Above All

    Something is missing
    Something is lost and forgotten
    Oh it isn't me
    The one I left behind... more »

  • Choose

    help me
    there is no way for me
    I find no hope to go on... more »

  • Dance Of Love

    did you leave me here alone
    to face this world of emptiness
    while i wanted to have the dance of love with you
    did you leave me here alone... more »

  • Dances Of Life

    ... more »

  • Do I Fall?

    ... more »

  • Forget It

    If you are true
    Don't try to change the others
    you can't find what u want in them
    and you lose yourself... more »

  • Give Me A Sign

    time is going by slowly
    it's precious
    how can it be so meaningless
    i don't want to waste it in this way.... more »

  • Here I Am!

    my hands are open wide
    for you to come
    you keep me firm from shivers
    In your hold in the silence... more »

  • Hidden In Clouds

    my beautiful angel
    come to me
    i 'm hidden in my corner of loneliness
    hands covered my eyes... more »

  • I Pray

    where i feel
    i'm in.
    here... more »

  • If

    life is beautiful
    you close your eyes to outside
    preserve every beauty inside,... more »

  • Life

    punishment for eating the forbidden fruit
    learning to live in a wild world.
    laws without logic,
    white papers, nonsense is written on it.... more »

  • Maybe

    i didn't know myself
    i forgot myself
    i lost myself
    i lost love and fait... more »

  • Me

    I’m dead
    i died suddenly with no voice
    life came to an end
    and i found someone else inside me.... more »

  • My Life

    i don't know is it a nightmare or i'm awake
    i don't know am i alive or dead
    i don't know this time what is this kind of play
    you took my blood, my feelings, my pride, you took my soul away... more »

  • My Time

    time is running
    my hand is out of clouds
    but i can not catch it
    i'm the slave of shadows... more »

  • My Wondering Soul

    i wish to cross the lines
    to ask
    who is dead, who is alive?
    can i find a light... more »

  • Never Late

    take my hand lets us fly
    let us show our inside
    give us a chance
    let us fly, where no one has reached... more »

  • Never Give In

    free your soul let it fly to me
    pass the distances by
    let us have a dream.
    everything is alright... more »

  • No Place For You

    devils on earth
    I want air to breath
    I want freedom

    devils... more »

  • Our 2013

    for all the dirt in my eyes
    and all the darkness surrounded my heart
    the tears that died before i cry.
    the hopes which faded... more »

  • Please Help Me And Answer My Question

    God help me come out of this despair
    sitting here in the corner of life
    with a dark curtain, there are many whys
    seeing just how people suffer and die... more »