• Love's Uttered Deeds

    A prayer,a whisper "closer"
    ..the feathery brush of my lovers lips 'gainst mine only to share a breath then depart.
    What lips can perfect love's kiss yet utter not love's words?
    Then take those lips that speak, that kiss for I love naught for love's sake but for my lover.... more »

  • Now

    I hate you because I love you so with a love that's real and lasting.
    I'm left with that; the best and the worst of it.
    In the quiet now, every laugh we shared, everything I thought was real
    howls thru my hollow soul and in the echoes I hear "fool".... more »

  • Song Untitled

    Look at us that never was.
    We met.
    We laughed.
    We fucked.... more »

  • The I In Your Smile

    I cannot stop thinking of you -
    the part of me that returns only when I see your smile.
    Come to me now. Pray, don't make me wait another hour.
    For I need you as I require... more »

  • Then

    If you get past the angry words and I get past the hurt...
    If we can get beyond all that;
    beyond ourselves, trade shoes, share truth and forgive
    ...then... more »

  • Time

    tick tock
    second hand falls
    minutes pass... more »