I am an 18 year old high school graduate. This fall, I plan to attend Eastern New Mexico University and I am majoring in psychology. I also plan to minor in Spanish and French to become a trilinguist. I write poems whenever the mood hits me and I like to write poems about certain moods. Often, a song or a situation gives me inspiration.


Tara Sneed Poems

Shattered Glass

There was a time before
The loud and earthshaking war
When some remembered
When all was peaceful... more »

Pine Tree

Softly blowing wind
Rushing through the pine trees
Blowing hair across my face
As I look up into space... more »

Picking Of The Apple Tree

Oh how sweet and juicy
The apple from that tree.
The only everliving fruit
To change our destiny.... more »

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Michael Shepherd 21 Oct 2008 10:28
Tara, do keep writing.. you have a talent and an individual voice. Michael