• A Fallen Kingdom

    Broken Kingdom
    Starving pesants
    yet the soldiers stand strong
    Victory harder day by day... more »

  • A Requiem Of Truth

    Days gone by
    the calm air broken
    stifling one's emotions
    a life unloved... more »

  • Crying In Anguish

    Loneliness. The calling card of sorrow
    Depression and anxiety and misery
    Falling into the depths of the pit
    Dug by myself, deep without exit... more »

  • Darkness

    It's me, myself and I
    Standing by a corner
    Darkness surrounding
    And encompassing... more »

  • Failure

    One word that described me
    Wherever I went
    Whatever I did... more »

  • Masked

    The mask I wear
    cold as steel
    why is it that
    you never heal... more »

  • The Broken Traveller

    Broken man wandering the plains
    Forever cursed to darkness and pain
    Abused and broken, his mind lay shattered
    Grown to fit the wills of an overseer, handed on a silver platter... more »

  • The Tale Of The Lone Soldier

    Lone soldier walking along
    why continue
    when the others are gone
    through the darkness and the light... more »

  • The Untold Tale Of A Broken Heart

    the stars above are witness to our love
    muted expression bears sight
    I talk and talk expecting difference
    yet nothing comes... more »