I am an English Literature student.
I am as i think, a sensitive, over-reactional person.
I am 22.I like poetry a lot.


Tareq Jalabi Poems

Ashes Of Love

Burn me to ashes
and throw them in the air
when you see flashes
to that area please stare... more »

A Cupid And A Man

i always work to pay the loan
you only see me running or on the phone
i work all the time even at dawn
i have my money so I`m not alone... more »

Forgotten Lover

You should recognize
that a lover here lies
he says he wasn`t killed
that`s the truth he denies... more »

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Comments about Tareq Jalabi

Sipho Khumalo 14 Sep 2009 02:00
hi Big Boss I really thin you explored your twin towers and keep tyt and well as that you going far. Please comment on my poem and i will let you know if i have something new.
Dian Hayati 25 Nov 2008 01:50
ooww..u describe it simply n mature..love it!
Jamie Simmons 20 Jul 2008 10:33
I like how you play with the darker side of the emotion love. Most poets write about the overly mushy side of it, but you put the broken heart into a prespective that many other poets can't seem to get to.