• A Cupid And A Man

    i always work to pay the loan
    you only see me running or on the phone
    i work all the time even at dawn
    i have my money so I`m not alone... more »

  • A Dry Plant

    my soul is distressed
    my heart is ill
    love must be confessed
    and i love her still... more »

  • A Heavenly Date

    virginity is a treasure
    shouldn`t be given away
    to someone that his love
    in your heart wont stay... more »

  • Ashes Of Love

    Burn me to ashes
    and throw them in the air
    when you see flashes
    to that area please stare... more »

  • Broken Up With

    My life has ended two days ago
    when you allowed your heart to someone else go
    what a fool i am, i still love you although
    you`ve left me without thinking what you me owe... more »

  • Crazy Llove

    I am holding a knife
    By which to end my life
    Driving it through my guts
    You may consider me nuts... more »

  • Death And Man

    we are living today
    to die another day
    what is the point of living
    if your heart will decay... more »

  • Forgotten Lover

    You should recognize
    that a lover here lies
    he says he wasn`t killed
    that`s the truth he denies... more »

  • Guess Who

    he is the inspiration
    to my every creation
    Concerning my life and education
    he helps me move every cloud... more »

  • Hallucination

    She came to me as a hallusination
    her beauty was beyond my imagination
    i fantasized her breath and intonation
    they were the warmest in God`s nation... more »

  • His Star

    i am sad
    i am blue
    i`ve nothing to live for
    and nothing else to do... more »

  • Humanity

    i`m like the undead
    shaking my head
    all my life
    having no drive... more »

  • I See U Everywhere

    i see your face
    in every place
    while smiling
    and when i cry... more »

  • I Will Love U Till....


  • Iambic Love

    I n my soul which is distressed
    A t all times you have been the best
    M iracle that happened to me
    B lessed with it, i hope again i`ll be... more »

  • Keep Fighting

    as I lie on this cliff
    pondering all my thoughts
    knowing that there is a God
    knowing that there is sin... more »

  • Left Alone

    without me you will have nothing but torment and mischief
    go on and leave me renounce your belief
    anyway our tree has only one leaf
    it is one of sadness one of grief... more »

  • Love Land

    i am living in a land
    that has only sand
    it pulls me down and down
    it is making me drown... more »

  • Love?

    Love hardly stays
    especially these days
    Love is so cold
    Although it has flames... more »

  • Love`s Heat

    because of the heat of your love
    my heart had melt
    i knew not what`s happening
    but i knew what i felt... more »

  • Maria

    a girl called maria
    which i don`t know
    told me to write a poem
    about her as though... more »

  • Mine

    i have a poem
    her every line
    starts and ends
    with words that are divine... more »

  • My Angelic Drop

    angels had to drop
    of water one drop
    it left the sky high up
    and fell gently in my half empty cup... more »

  • No More

    i had kept for years
    waiting for u to call
    now u r trying to apologize
    as we met in a mall... more »

  • Search For Freedom

    i feel so happy
    being by your side
    whenever near you
    my smile i couldn`t hide... more »