• A Virtual Eden

    The warm sun from afar gently wakes me
    I yawn and then briskly greet my people
    My neighbor smiles back after saying hi
    All the people mix and race to the fields... more »

  • Gunman

    A rash man... toting a gun
    Stomps and ruffles the ground
    He tramples everything around... more »

  • Humanity's Story

    Once upon a time,
    When love knew -
    No bounds and shackles
    We dwelt in Eden... more »

  • Life's Cruise

    Ho! Leave not your glass half-full
    Guzzle it and drain your groove
    And replenish another - once more
    This time - in a fancier kingly carafe... more »

  • Noura!

    I'm man - I bend the law
    I can snatch a soul
    In its utopian row
    How odd - the show... more »

  • Rebirth

    I once woke up from a deep slumber
    After that faint voice in me grew bold
    From a whisper; it morphed into a deafening call
    Get up! Arise! It roared like a beast... more »

  • The Wilderness's Cry

    Come … O! Ye morning sunshine
    Calm the night's storm in our hearts
    And shine bright rays of hope
    On our indigent souls, lost... more »

  • War!

    War, is the doom's day trumpet blown!
    Its bearers encroaching on, deaden
    Any glint of warmth from the soul
    Mothers and children plummet into... more »