• A Lost Sailor

    I always wished to be a sailor
    to sail miles away in water
    I sailed for long to markets
    to sell clothes and handicrafts... more »

  • A Simple Reason

    Friends ask me my well being
    Parents wish me everything

    I have got all the thing... more »

  • Ambition

    I wanna dive down the strings
    I wanna fly free with wings
    I wanna love you every moment
    I wanna stay with you every second... more »

  • An Old Love

    i remember
    how i hold those tiny fingers in mine palm
    and screaming 'walk fast, walk fast'... more »

  • Autumn

    Life never goes smooth
    neither stops nor run
    but you can do them both
    either stop or run... more »

  • Did You Remember The Smell Of Fresh Air?

    Did you see all those cars
    splendid makes and fabulous design
    they burn petrol and eject smoke
    all of 'em... more »

  • Disciples

    of dark woods somewhere on equator
    pupil sitting at the porches of huts
    sweating, perspiring... more »

  • Dream

    slowly blowin wind
    playing with brown leaves
    took me to a muddy path
    accompanied with blossoms... more »

  • Fall In Love This December: The Start

    i don't know, but
    like the every year
    it's not the same december
    like others that passed away... more »

  • Fear

    i pressed my knees
    against the chest
    hard and harder
    the hold of my hands... more »

  • Hatred

    The Life is not so merry as we write
    To what we write if with a greed
    The heart can not sing a melody
    To what we sing is without a belief... more »

  • I Am Sad

    No bird sing well today
    The flowers aren't attracting anymore
    No friend to talk about today
    The work isn't interesting anymore... more »

  • I Care

    so many competitions
    success and failures
    run, chase that never ends... more »

  • Last Words

    I tried to listen them all
    red face turning pale
    eyes wide open trying to see everything
    voice cracking but trying to sing all words at once... more »

  • Let Us Try

    Mohan got selected in AIIMS
    Rama is going to Thames
    What about you?
    Still alone in the unknown lane!... more »

  • Life Is Beautiful

    Woke up by singing mother
    Sitting in the lap of father
    Enjoying the warmth in granny's arms
    I feel delightful... more »

  • Long Wait To Hug You Oh Sister!

    HOW LONG I WAIT... more »

  • Moments

    ice melting down the peak
    hairs swirling round the cheek
    and thy look
    feel the touch... more »

  • Pain

    time comes
    that you want peace
    it happens
    you want to run out of these... more »

  • Precious

    i guess
    i don't have enough time
    to tame the beautiful springs
    round the globe... more »

  • Random Bars

    I daily take a new road
    With full zeal as ever told
    So many tours that started
    Never completed!... more »

  • Small

    a hand full of lukewarm water
    just strikes my forehead
    slowly slowly it splatter
    here and there about my forehead... more »

  • Small Hands

    dedicated to the girl (foetus) whom parents kill in India just because she is a girl.

    If you have been ever touched... more »

  • Sometime

    Time pass like sand
    you are sitting cross hands
    Dreams come in day
    about the time that has sway... more »

  • The Portrait

    At dusk
    few miles away
    swaying her hands
    in the fields of barley... more »