• Don'T Fade Away

    Do you miss me
    do you know I do
    Do you forgive me
    do you know...i fogive you... more »

  • Friendship

    As i wish i never met it
    It hit me in the butt
    As i wish i didn't get it
    Its turning me into a nut... more »

  • Goodbye

    Hay can you see me
    Hay what do you want from me
    I dont think i understand
    I dont think your clutching my hand... more »

  • Loves Mystery

    How do you know when love hits
    Does it arive all at once
    Or does it come sweet little bits... more »

  • Pain

    Pain seeps through my haert
    ice clenches my blood
    I'm heading into darkness
    feeling the world around me disapear... more »

  • Trapped

    Your falling into my trap
    trap that holds you to think
    to think i'm happy and okay
    when you think i'm shining bright... more »