• A Cigarette Over Missing You

    My cigarette is burning in the ashtray
    I'm trying but I can't sleep
    There are too many things on my mind
    How do you do this to me... more »

  • A Different View

    Drugs are not drugs in this world of mine
    Rather they are a crutch for when you feel weak
    My dealer is not merely a dealer
    But a witch doctor that helps the lot of us sleep... more »

  • A Love So Tragic

    (pt 1)
    We seem so indifferent
    Like we just don't feel
    We've got cuts on our hearts... more »

  • A Luciferian Love Story

    I'm flirting with Death
    He's got one hand on my knee
    This is Russian roulette
    But no guns are going off for me... more »

  • A Luciferian Love Story (Alternate Ending)

    I'm flirting with Death
    He's got one hand on my knee
    This is Russian roulette
    But no guns are going off for me... more »

  • Actor

    Weeping will not matter
    Because you've never cared
    My darling you were such a good actor
    Always showing up right then and there... more »

  • All The Drugs In This World

    All The Drugs In This World
    Won't bring back my past
    I try every drug I can find
    Hoping one high will last... more »

  • Almost Paradise

    I'm looking into Heaven, as I'm looking into your eyes
    Its like every time I look at you, I melt down inside

    Every barrier I've put up, you've so easily torn down... more »

  • Always

    People say its wrong
    They'll never admit we're right
    But none of that matters
    When I'm holding you so tight... more »

  • An Angel's Thoughts

    Its like listening to a racing heart beat
    Watching from so far up in the sky
    A silent specter waiting
    To save people from a situation in which they would surely die... more »

  • Angel Of Art (Part Six)

    I will take your clumsy fingers
    And teach them to create art
    Give me your paintbrush
    Let me inspire your heart... more »

  • Angel Of Healing (Part One)

    Let me take your sorrows
    Let me drown your pain
    Give me all the troubles
    That run through your veins... more »

  • Angel Of Hope (Part Eleven)

    Tell me you are lost
    And I will help you find your way
    Tell me the sun never rises
    And I will open your eyes to the day... more »

  • Angel Of Inner Beauty (Part Nine)

    Let me make you feel gorgeous
    And put you on a pedestal in my heart
    I will give you the sweetest compliments
    Accompanied by gentle kisses in the dark... more »

  • Angel Of Lies (Part Twelve)

    Tonight we shall lay among the stars
    So I may tell you all the lies
    Lay your head upon my shoulder
    And I will stitch you up inside... more »

  • Angel Of Love (Part Two)

    Let me take you in my arms
    I will carry you through the dark
    Just give me forever
    To protect your heart... more »

  • Angel Of Mercy (Part Three)

    When you have been bad
    Confess to me your sins
    Tell me all the secrets
    Lying beneath your skin... more »

  • Angel Of Passion (Part Ten)

    Show me all of your fire
    Put all of your love into me
    Burn all of these emotions
    Set your desires free... more »

  • Angel Of Perfection (Part Four)

    Tell me all the bad
    And I shall make it good
    Let me know what you can't love
    Even if you know you should... more »

  • Angel Of Poetry (Part Seven)

    Take the pen in your hand
    Let it flow across the page
    We will create the finest words
    Known to this age... more »

  • Angel Of Seduction (Part Eight)

    Come to me my dearest
    Hold me close to your heart
    I will kiss you ever so gently
    As we lay there in the dark... more »

  • Angel Of Song (Part Five)

    Follow me into my world
    Where I shall sing to you
    I will write for you such sweet symphonies
    To thrill you all the way through... more »

  • Angel's Baby Blue Eyes

    There is something there
    That just won't leave this heart
    It haunts me in my dreaming hours
    Waking me with a start... more »

  • As Long As You'Ll Be Happy

    I'll suffer
    I'll cry
    I'll bleed
    Myself dry... more »

  • At Peace

    That night I laid beside you
    With one hand upon your heart
    It beat ever so gently
    As we laid there in the dark... more »