• Easier With Each Dose

    I don't understand this sick circle
    This rather twisted game we play
    You act like you're oblivious
    And I take drugs to mask my own decay... more »

  • End Up Right

    I guess we never moved on
    We never really parted right
    Did we ever really end
    Or was it just for that one night... more »

  • Every Heart Must Bleed

    I know inside myself
    That Every Heart Must Bleed
    But when I'm sobbing all alone
    I still ask, why me?... more »

  • Faces Of Art

    Spill your soul out, writer
    Let the ink tell the words
    Give the world your heart
    Before you get too hurt... more »

  • Fade Away

    Please don't let me fall
    Please don't let me Fade Away
    Please don't let me hurt
    Please don't let me say... more »

  • Falling For A Disaster

    Days passed into nights
    And nights turned into weeks
    Its been so long since I've seen you
    And longer still since you've seen me... more »

  • False Gods

    So you say you are a sinner
    Confess to me your sins
    Blasphemy, murder, or vanity
    Or maybe just lust of the skin... more »

  • For Lack Of A Cure

    A pill to bring you pleasure
    Or a pill to stop the pain
    A pill to calm the acid
    That seems to burn inside your veins... more »

  • For My Dearest

    When I find myself beside you
    And I can hold you close to me
    When I can see your gorgeous smile
    So precious no one could believe... more »

  • For The Rest Of My Life

    Every morning I'll wake up beside you
    And marvel at you angelic face
    The sun across your eye lids
    How you breathe with such grace... more »

  • Forbidden

    Forbidden love is the sweetest
    The poison that gets you high
    The thoughts in your head
    When you cannot sleep at night... more »

  • Forever After

    Hate me as you will
    Wish me dead if you please
    Deep inside you I can sense
    That a piece of you still loves me... more »

  • Forever Your Rose

    Here I am
    Forever Your Rose
    I remember the epitaph
    Written in your prose... more »

  • Forever Yours

    Until the end of mornings
    Until the last night
    Until infinite darkness
    Extinguishes all light... more »

  • Girl In My Mirror

    I'm looking in my mirror
    Theres a girl in there tonight
    Shes breaking apart so quickly
    And nothing can make it alright... more »

  • Glamorous

    You ask me to explain us;
    As if the concept of us is brand new.
    When in reality we’ve been around forever;... more »

  • Glamorous Pt 2

    So now you ask about our lives-
    This is the best question yet.
    We are perfect to our customers;... more »

  • Goodbye

    How could you go without saying goodbye
    Did you do it to hide the tears in your eyes
    Why did you leave and not say anything at all
    You just left me there to watch the rain fall... more »

  • Green-Eyed Suicide

    Green-Eyed Suicide
    With life such a blur
    Wrists scarred from back to front
    This is the life for her... more »

  • Haunted

    I fight the urge to sleep
    And I fight the instinct to remember
    Where is the peace now
    That I had so long ago in December... more »

  • Have You Ever

    Have you ever felt life
    Have you ever felt love
    Leaking from your fingers
    Out of the wrist you've cut... more »

  • He Was

    He Was the oxygen from my lungs
    Something you don't notice until it's not there
    I never recognized how much I needed him
    Until I was left gasping for air... more »

  • Heart In A Cage

    I keep my heart tied down
    Buckled under lock and key
    You can pry at the metal all you want
    Yet it will get you nothing... more »

  • Her Heart

    I'm looking into my mirror
    Someone I don't know looks back at me
    Covered up in lies
    That no one seems to see... more »

  • His Wings

    I have an angel in my hands
    But he seems to be slipping away
    After all our years of nurturing
    We've nothing left to say... more »