• Hold Onto Me

    Hold Onto Me
    When you want to let go
    I won't leave you crying
    I won't leave you all alone... more »

  • Home

    You've been away so long
    My memories are getting vague
    When I close my eyes at night
    The visions of you fade... more »

  • I Am Who I Am

    I am who I am
    I believe what I believe
    You never will do it
    So stop trying to change me... more »

  • I Didn'T Mean It When I Said I Would Belong To You Forever

    (Written as an opposite to my poem 'I Meant It When I Said I Would Belong To You Forever, now that I have realized that the relationship between myself and the man that poem was written for, I wrote this.)

    No longer do I cry for you
    I've decided that I must walk away... more »

  • I Gave You My Last Breath

    You shared with me your life
    And I shared with you my death
    You gave the first words
    And I Gave You My Last Breath... more »

  • I Have Faith In Love

    For a while I didn't believe in anything
    Until I was forced to see the world anew
    The I found all my faith stored beneath the sink
    And I began to believe in you... more »

  • I Loved You All Along

    I don't want to live like this anymore
    I can't lie to myself
    I don't want to do this anymore
    I can't deceive everyone else... more »

  • I Meant It When I Said I Would Belong To You Forever

    I dropped to my knees and cried for you
    How was it so easy for you to walk away?
    I took my own blood in form of payment
    For a price I never should've had to pay... more »

  • I Thought

    I thought that I had forgotten how to cry
    I thought I'd grown so cold
    I thought that I would forget you
    But I can't forget someone who saved my soul... more »

  • I Want

    I want someone so crazy
    That they do not see how insane I am
    I want someone so gone
    That they really do understand... more »

  • I Will Believe

    Paint a pretty picture
    Paint it in your lies
    Cover me completely
    Drown my very life... more »

  • I Wrote Your Name

    I wrote your name in the sand
    But the waves washed it away
    I wrote your name in the stars
    But it disappeared by the light of day... more »

  • If I Hadn'T Been Alone

    If I hadn't been alone so long
    I don't think I would be who I am
    If I hadn't spent so much time trying
    I really don't believe I'd understand... more »

  • If The World

    If The World were only paved in stars
    Instead of lies and signs and stars
    We wouldn't have to be so afraid of what we are
    If The World were only paved in stars... more »

  • I'Ll Be

    If you'll be my sunshine
    I will stop the rain
    If you'll be my bandage
    I'll be your relief of pain... more »

  • In Love With The Danger

    Your voice is morphine converted to sound
    Your skins soft as the freshest snow
    Your lips are smooth as polished ice
    And your eyes are just as cold... more »

  • In The Mirror You Cannot Hide

    You're nothing short of infectious
    You're an incurable disease
    You walk around like you're weightless
    But you're nothing that you seem... more »

  • In Thirteen Minutes

    I don't trust your smile
    Nor do I particularly enjoy your stance
    The way you tilt your head never fails to irritate me
    Having thought of it; so does everything left to chance... more »

  • Indestructible

    Some day I'll thank you for this
    But as for now I'm still in pain
    I should be cleansed of your memories
    But your voice still echoes in my veins... more »

  • Ink

    The ink burns in my skin
    The badge of my pain
    Revealing to me that redemption creeps near
    As close as the pulse within my veins... more »

  • Inner Child

    Fight the bonds with growing older
    Listen to the child in your heart
    Resist the urge to let it go
    Don't let two great things fall apart... more »

  • Inside Me

    You look my way and I smile
    You turn away and I cry
    You see me looking as if I live
    When all I do is die... more »

  • It Feels Like Its Over

    It feels like its over
    This feels like the end
    So when will my life
    Start over again... more »

  • Its Everything About You

    Its the way I fit into your arms
    That makes it feel so right
    Its the rush of the passion
    That we share in the night... more »

  • Lets Be Nothing

    Maybe I care too much
    Or maybe I care too little
    Maybe I'm on both sides
    Or maybe I'm stuck in the middle... more »