• Letter

    Some day soon I'll write you a Letter
    But I'm not sure what I should say
    I've got to tell you that I'm leaving
    Though I know you'll only see it as running away... more »

  • Lie

    I know when you lie to me
    I know the face you make
    I can tell easily
    When what you claim is fake... more »

  • Life Lessons

    All across the world
    Spirits cry
    Love induces
    Painful times... more »

  • London Holds My Heart

    I'd kill to see the lights of London
    Out of the windows of my room
    Or to gaze upon the streets of Cairo
    And farther out all of the pharaohs' tombs... more »

  • Love Me

    Hold me in your arms
    Caress me with your deep brown eyes
    Pull me from my torment
    Wake me up inside... more »

  • Love Yourself

    Don't hate the stars for their beauty
    Don't hate the sun when it doesn't shine
    Don't estimate someone's strength
    Until you've seen them cry... more »

  • Manic Depressive

    Day to night and back to day
    You know I'll never be okay
    Its manic or I'll be depressed
    Asking why is a waste of breath... more »

  • Maybe Some Day

    If I can let go of the lies
    And learn to forget the pain
    Maybe Some Day I can take a walk
    And we can meet up on memory lane... more »

  • Meant For You

    Some day I will see you
    Our paths will cross again
    The second I lay eyes on you
    I will be tempted to take your hand... more »

  • Meant To Last

    Sometimes life is complicated
    And it starts moving much to fast
    It reminds me of us
    But we are Meant To Last... more »

  • Meshed For Speech

    (this is meshed pieces of mine for a speech competition)

    Never forget the times I've held you
    I'd do anything to hold you again... more »

  • Meshed For Speech 2

    We don't seem to fit together
    There are so many differences I can see
    I Need A Believer
    And you need someone to make you believe... more »

  • Midnight Ponderings

    Tonight I sit, I reflect
    Wondering what went wrong
    I fear that I shan't sleep tonight
    And I will ponder until dawn... more »

  • Mother Moon (Prayer)

    Mother give me the strength to stand strong
    Give me the courage to do whats right
    Give me the life to live
    And the wisdom to give good advice... more »

  • Mother Moon Ii

    Mother give me strength
    Give me wisdom, give me will
    Give me love, give me health
    Let me know what is real... more »

  • Moving On

    If you stay in one place forever
    Your life will never change
    You can't wait for him to love you
    Or you'll let someone who does slip away... more »

  • My Dearest Friend

    Will you still love me like this
    When I'm hurt and I'm bruised
    Will you still hold me close
    When I'm feeling abused... more »

  • My Heart Can'T Get Any Worse

    Tonight I'll stand under the streetlight
    So you can count my tears
    Falling so hard for you
    In sighting each of my fears... more »

  • My Heart Is There

    Close your eyes
    And remember me
    I'll be waiting there
    In your dreams... more »

  • My Only Hope

    I run so fast
    That I forget to breathe
    Looking for some escape
    Anything to set me free... more »

  • My Only Teacher Was My Pain

    After ten months of struggle
    That put me through too much Hell to say
    I guess my greatest prize
    Was learning to walk away... more »

  • My Only Teacher Was My Pain (Revised&Extended)

    After so many months of struggle
    That put me through too much Hell to say
    I guess my only prize
    Was learning to walk away... more »

  • My Reality

    I'm stuck here in this purgatory
    Left to think of all the wrongs
    Forever is my sentence
    Every day seeming so long... more »

  • My Suicide

    I watch the world from my room
    Waiting for sleep to come
    Staring up at the ceiling
    Wishing I had a gun... more »

  • Nightmares

    I'm falling into a coma
    But I'm fighting to stay awake
    I don't want to dream of him
    But the memories just won't go away... more »