• White Giants And Chilean Smurfs

    Lets hold our breath and count the stars
    And see whose head is the first to sway
    If you make a good attempt at keeping your eyes open
    The I promise I'll stay awake... more »

  • Who That Soldier Is

    Thats somebody's little boy out there
    Getting shot at on the field
    Thats somebody's baby
    In more pain than anyone should feel... more »

  • Would You, Could You

    Would I still be your angel
    If I broke my wings
    Could you still love me
    If where my heart should be, there was nothing... more »

  • Write Our Story

    Write me the tragic story
    Of our forlorn past
    Let it speak to the readers
    Of how we were meant to last... more »

  • You

    How do I make you see it?
    I can't seem to make you understand
    That out of all my choices of heroin
    You are my favorite brand... more »

  • You Are

    You are my tourniquet
    The vice that stops the blood
    Hiding the wounds inflicted
    By your razor blade love... more »

  • You Are In Everything I Write

    Every piece I write is about you
    Every song reflects on our past
    Every rhyme tells a story
    Of a love that didn't last... more »

  • You Are The Prose

    You are the inspiration
    Behind each and every poem
    The one to take my hand
    And lead me back home... more »

  • You Were There With Me

    I think back to our relationship
    And how for you I took the fall
    We were something special
    We could've had it all... more »

  • You Will Never Be Alone

    Some days you may feel abandoned
    Your pain may run too deep
    But when your feeling lonely
    Remember that you have me... more »

  • Your Angel

    I will be your shelter
    I will be your guiding light
    I will be the one to call to
    When things don't turn out right... more »

  • Your Paper Doll

    Am I just You Paper Doll
    Or do I mean something more
    Am I only something you can play with
    And leave lying on the floor... more »