• All But Some

    This empty body heart and soul
    hallow trees roots and all
    The nearest river oh so far
    we walk but never find what waits... more »

  • Dream Of Me

    Our empty talks are no longer safe
    These broken walks feel our nightmares with wicked creature
    haunted homes with plastic windows
    shattered glass dolls hide under emotionless faces... more »

  • Storyteller.

    A page turner of many talents
    Simple paper boy with cut lose poems
    Our untold story holds many truths
    But to some they are nothing but empty paper boards... more »

  • This Hallow Box

    This hallow pain is not sadness, it is not the feeling of lonesome
    But the desire to be more than a frail skeleton of man.
    to be more than the bird who dreams of the fresh smell of sky but doesn't for his wings no longer fly.
    This hallow pain is for the women who dresses her porcelain doll in silks because the child she wishes to bear will not live to feel the grass between her toes.... more »