• 6 Word Note

    This 6 letter note on a half sheet of paper
    That said
    'Will you go out with me'
    Quickly turned into a year... more »

  • A Friend.....

    Is someone that everyone needs
    A friend
    Is that special one
    A friend... more »

  • And I Will Love You Forever

    I can't seem to get over you
    I don't know what to do
    One thing that i know is true... more »

  • Baby Will You...? ? ?

    'Hey my love,
    I just want to ask you a few questions.
    Please answer with the truth!
    I dont want any lies, I just wana know...... more »

  • Beauty Isn'T Everything

    He tells you he loves you
    you tell him you love him too
    he says 'theres only one person good in my life'
    you ask him 'who? '... more »

  • Everything

    Buried way beneath the sheets I think she's having a meltdown
    Finding it hard to fall asleep she won't let anyone help her... more »

  • Everything

    The day we met
    I had the oddest feeling
    I didn't know what it was
    So I just brushed it off... more »

  • Everything You Do

    Your kisses, light up my life
    Your smile, brightens my day
    Everything you do, breaks away the darkness... more »

  • Feeling I Have

    Sadness is like being lost
    Happiness is like nothing can go wrong
    Music is like a summer day... more »

  • Feelings You'Ve Left Me

    i wish you would let me be
    these leftover feelings
    they're trapped inside me
    i want them out... more »

  • Fool To Love

    im sittin here cryin
    do you know,
    that inside im dyin?... more »

  • For My Boyfriend Colton

    Once upon a time
    Something happened to me...
    It was the best thing
    That could ever be!... more »

  • Get Over You

    I can't seem to get over you
    I don't know what to do
    One thing that i know is true
    Is that it should be just us two... more »

  • Good-Byes Are Harder Than Hellos

    Hellos are hard,
    You don't know what to say,
    You would look at me,
    But I'd look the other way.... more »

  • He Said To Trust Him

    He Tells me i can trust him all the time
    But when he says i love you it feels out of line
    He tells his friend everything we do
    Trust is a five letter word... more »

  • Him!

    He is the guy who holds on with me
    He is there when I need him
    He holds the key to my heart
    Through every fight we've had... more »

  • I Am Stupid To Believe

    Im so stupid to believe
    That you actually liked me

    Im so stupid to believe... more »

  • I Miss You

    why'd you ever do this
    i just can't believe it
    the phone that i got
    had to be the worst... more »

  • Little Boyfriends

    When I was little
    I had boyfriends
    That weren’t boyfriends
    Because they were... more »

  • Love At First Sight

    Love at first sight
    Is what you said happened
    And when i first saw you
    I shouldve paid attention!... more »

  • Men Will Always Be Boys

    my love-live fell apart
    i thought he was there from the start

    but he kept secrets... more »

  • My Heart....What Happened

    my heart is broken and its all because of you
    my heart cant be put back together with some glue... more »

  • My Love♥

    my love for you, will always be strong!
    you say its not true, but i know that youre wrong!

    when we kiss, its like fireworks in the air!... more »

  • Running Thru My Mind

    ... more »

  • Since I Have Yet To Say Thanks

    Thanks for being there
    Always being so aware
    Thanks for being near when I needed you here
    Thanks for staying so close when I needed you the most... more »