• .no.Title.

    God took you away,
    It doesnt seem fair,
    But in the back of my mind,
    You will always be there.... more »

  • .titleless.

    Her life was taken,
    From people who love her to this day.
    She was amazing,
    At everything.... more »

  • I Think I Love You

    Ever since we started talking,
    I feel like I have one person that cares about me.
    You tell me you love me,
    But I wasn't sure if I loved you back.... more »

  • So It's Not The Best In The World..

    I can't believe you left,
    It happened so fast.
    You're the first person I think of,
    You're also the last.... more »

  • Untitled

    Lying under the stars,
    Covered with a blanket of warm air.
    Loving you more everyday,
    Hoping your not just using me.... more »

  • Wanting You Back

    Wanting you back,
    Not knowing how you feel about me.
    Hoping you love me,
    I miss you a lot.... more »

  • Weed

    That's all you do,
    Smoke that weed.
    Sitting in your back yard,
    Slowly starting to bleed.... more »