Taylor Smith Biography

im just like anyone else, living my life and hoping to live through it with grace,
im a very simple person, though not quick to trust.
id help anyone in a heart beat if possible but only if their willing to help them selves.
my spare time is filled with reading as much as i can, as well as drawing(depending when the mood strikes, otherwise the most i can draw is stick people and mabe a half decent eye ^.^) and of course i love to write though not always am i the best at it, more then anything though i dont care how good i am at something such as this bc in the end its my way to vent and im sure someone will understand what i mean, whether it be how i meant it or how they decipher it, all i can really hope for is that it reaches atleast any one person in a deep way that makes them feel a little more understood and a little less alone.