My name is Taylor and i am 15 years old. I live in Binghamton, New York. I moved here about when i was 11 years old. My mom and dad got a divorce when i was about 9 and now my mom and my step dad live in Montana along with my half-sister. I live here with my dad and my two brothers. Both are older than me. One is almost 18 and the other is a sophmore in college. Ever since ive moved here it seems like all i would do was get into trouble. But then last year something happened that changed all of that. I decided to write a poem about what happened so if you want to read it i posted it up on here.


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Never Again

'Never Again'

I used to think that I was the the type of girl that nothing bad would ever happen to,
Ive always thought this, until i met you.... more »

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