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Tears of sorrow ... Poems

Are You Truly Happy?

Is one able to smile when told to?
Is one truly happy with their life as it is right now?
Can you smile when asked if you are happy?
One can say he is content with life.... more »

Frist Love

When I first met you
You were in my heart
I feel you near me when I close my eyes
Just like a sweet dream... more »


Darkness befalls in the night
As we walk with a little light
We walk with light under fear
Afraid and alone as we don't hear... more »

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Revelinho Penda Katjire 01 Apr 2012 09:37
ur poems are very good and i feel the emotions in them, keep it up... Hope u get to read my poem because i actually just posted 1 and want to know what people think...
Silly Artist 21 Sep 2011 11:16
Yay! Another poet who loves anime (^_^) . I've been reading your poems and they're great (^_^) I hope that you'll read my poems in return. Great work =D
Juan Olivarez 13 Jun 2011 05:00
You poems in spanish are pretty bad. You need to be more proficient in, El castllano.