• Are You Truly Happy?

    Is one able to smile when told to?
    Is one truly happy with their life as it is right now?
    Can you smile when asked if you are happy?
    One can say he is content with life.... more »

  • Best Friend

    You been there for me
    no matter what it cost
    My best friend since we
    believe in Santa Claus... more »

  • Bye

    Tears that flow down a river
    Those tears that scream to be free
    Now left me so hollow inside
    Nothing but my cold soul... more »

  • Candle

    ... more »

  • Da Me Tu Corazón

    yo doy mi luz
    yo doy mi amor
    yo doy mi alma... more »

  • Dark Season

    Beauty in our eyes we see
    In this world we are to be

    Bright sunny spring is to come... more »

  • Darkness

    darkness is all around us
    within ours hearts
    it has always been there
    don't turn away... more »

  • Dear Daddy

    You were a good father to me.
    You were there when I was learning how to ride a bike,... more »

  • Death

    Blacker then black
    Brun by sen
    With no mercy
    Death is the only way... more »

  • Death Is Here, To Night

    Time, I saw last night,
    as in my dream
    a clock in my sight
    2, I said last night,... more »

  • Demon

    Again she was trapped in her bed
    The demon has come again
    Slowly it creep it's hand over her mouth
    And pulled her tights over him... more »

  • Embrace Me Till Death

    If you love me
    then embrace me,
    until my arms no longer hold you close
    as i fade... more »

  • Frist Love

    When I first met you
    You were in my heart
    I feel you near me when I close my eyes
    Just like a sweet dream... more »

  • Good Bye

    friends leave and go
    but you can make new friends
    so they say
    only it's hard for me... more »

  • Ha Don'T Make Me Laugh

    You say you need me
    You say you want me
    You say you love me... more »

  • Hate Myself

    I try to hide
    But you just keep finding me
    I try to run
    But you are the one I bump... more »

  • Here Alone

    Here I sit
    letting time pass me by
    Here I see
    that I am really lonely... more »

  • How Wrong You Are Daddy

    Now you come to me
    Trying to buy me with your money
    Do you think i am guilty?
    And think I would be pleading?... more »

  • Humanitys' Soul

    After all our tears have been shed
    And all our prayers have gone unanswered
    When there is no where left to hide
    We are left with one question...... more »

  • I Am Death

    I am death
    who you fear
    the death that you saw last night
    the one who you ran with fear... more »

  • In The Power Of Love

    There cames a time
    When you face the tougest of figths
    Seaching for a light
    I'm lost in the darkest of nights... more »

  • Keep Walking

    I must keep walking
    I know that if I stopped now
    I will cry
    No, I must keep walking... more »

  • Kill Me

    wish fate would end my pain and sorrow
    save my soul from the darkness
    life have mercy on me
    it's too much for me... more »

  • La Rosa De La Muerte

    La rosa de la murete
    Es la mas bonita de todas
    La negra rosa
    el color mas ermosa de todas... more »

  • Let Me Cry

    Let me cry
    These cold tears
    That are full of hate
    Let me cry... more »