• Let's Show Them!

    A love that will be nevermore
    It sadly disappears
    A memory you will love for evermore
    Slowly fades in tears... more »

  • Little Did I Know

    A gift is a gift
    As well as a cruse is a cruse
    Little did I know the difference
    That what you gave me... more »

  • Lost Broken Soul

    In the dark shadows of the night
    There was a small little light
    A cry was heard
    Sorrow was felt around the air... more »

  • Love A Mere Thought

    ... more »

  • Love And Hate

    Love turns to hate
    And hate turns to love
    you must love
    in order to hate... more »

  • May I Sleep

    May my little flower sleep
    that the cold winter comes

    And may i be asleep... more »

  • Men

    men, I don't trust
    men, they never think of others
    men, I don't want to get near
    men, I don't believe in them... more »

  • Mommy

    why you left?
    nobody will tell me
    but that you went away... more »

  • My Brother

    he's a pain in my ass
    he's a pain to everybody
    only I wish he would be quite
    and leave me alone... more »

  • My Feelings

    Why dose everything that starts has its' end
    I had made an illusion that
    your love wasn't like that...
    But my good luck has ended...... more »

  • My Sorrow

    Not asking for the reat reason behind the sorrow
    I embraced you tightly
    But you left without a word
    All I did was intensify my love... more »

  • Our God

    The man within the man
    The love within the love
    The sen within the sen
    If love can kill,... more »

  • Papi Mis Heridas

    Yo tengo heridas

    Quién fue que me dio estas heridas?... more »

  • Papi Porque?

    Papi, papi!
    Te quiero mucho!
    Te amor mucho!... more »

  • Rape

    Darkness befalls in the night
    As we walk with a little light
    We walk with light under fear
    Afraid and alone as we don't hear... more »

  • Shadow

    blackness covers all i see, and all i touch.
    no feeling of pain just sorrow
    my hand loses grip of the sword i held.
    and i turn to become a TRUE shadow...... more »

  • Simple And Clean

    You're giving me too many things lately
    You're all I need
    You smiled at me and said,
    Don't get me wrong I love you... more »

  • Smile A Ture Smile

    Why do people hide their feelings?
    Why smile when one can tell it's a fake smile?
    Why not show them who you really are then someone else?
    Don't be scared... more »

  • Smile Freely

    Despair fills my heart
    Resentment stays in my soul
    And I know why
    It's because I cannot forgive you... more »

  • Soy

    Siempre anduve buscando
    lo que no soy......

    Y acabo encontrando... more »

  • The Future Can'T Be Changed

    In this world which will someday fall to ruims
    Dreams and hopes don't matter at all
    Oh, because you're asleep within your heart
    You will never awake... more »

  • These Wings

    I feel love, reflection.
    The reflection in your eyes,
    looking at me,
    inside my heart.... more »

  • Time

    Time stopped for me, when I was born
    Born in sadness, in hate of time
    The time when hate and dispear ruled
    I feel my soul cry... more »

  • What's Love

    Love could be soft and warm
    Love CAN be hard and cold as it grows
    You think it's a ever lasting
    Then you think it was never there... more »

  • Which?

    The life of a flower
    Is long and sweet
    But can be also
    Short and bitter... more »