• 10 Things I Do Every Day

    wake up
    smoke pot
    see the cat
    love my wife... more »

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    10 Things I do Every Day
    play poker
    drink beer
    smoke pot... more »

  • A Certain Slant Of Sunlight

    In Africa the wine is cheap, and it is
    on St. Mark's Place too, beneath a white moon.
    I'll go there tomorrow, dark bulk hooded
    against what is hurled down at me in my no hat... more »

  • Buddha On The Bounty

    'A little loving can solve a lot of things'
    She locates two spatial equivalents in... more »

  • Chinese Nightingale

    We are involved in a transpersonified state
    Revolution, which is turning yourself around... more »

  • Easter Monday [excerpt]

    Under a red face, black velvet shyness
    Milking an emaciated gaffer. God lies down
    Here. Rattling of a shot, heard
    From the first row. The president of the United States... more »

  • Frank O'Hara

    Winter in the country, Southampton, pale horse
    as the soot rises, then settles, over the pictures
    The birds that were singing this morning have shut up
    I thought I saw a couple kissing, but Larry said no... more »

  • In The Wheel

    The pregnant waitress asks
    'Would you like
    some more coffee?'
    Surprised out of the question... more »

  • It's Important

    It's important not
    to back out
    of the mirror:... more »

  • Last Poem

    Before I began life this time
    I took a crash course in Counter-Intelligence
    Once here I signed in, see name below, and added
    Some words remembered from an earlier time,... more »

  • Little Travelogue

    When see(k)ing sky you're left with sky, then
    'we kill ourselves to propagate our kinde'-We sleep... more »

  • New Personal Poem

    to Michael Lally
    You had your own reasons for getting
    In your own way. You didn't want to be
    Clear to yourself. You knew a hell... more »

  • Ophelia

    out of her mind
    a marvelous construction
    thinking... more »

  • Personal Poem #9

    It's 8:54 a.m. in Brooklyn it's the 26th of July
    and it's probably 8:54 in Manhattan but I'm
    in Brooklyn I'm eating English muffins and drinking
    Pepsi and I'm thinking of how Brooklyn is... more »

  • Red Shift

    Here I am at 8:08 p.m. indefinable ample rhythmic frame
    The air is biting, February, fierce arabesques
    on the way to tree in winter streetscape... more »

  • Remembered Poem

    It is important to keep old hat
    in secret closet.... more »

  • Sonnet #13

    Mountains of twine and
    Teeth braced against it
    Before gray walls. Feet walk
    Released by night (which is not to imply... more »

  • Sonnet #15

    In Joe Brainard's collage its white arrow
    He is not in it, the hungry dead doctor.
    Of Marilyn Monroe, her white teeth white-... more »

  • Sunday Morning

    If you stroke a cat about 1,000,000 times, you will
    generate enough electricity to light up the largest
    American Flag in the world for about one minute.... more »

  • Things To Do In New York (City)

    Wake up high up
    frame bent & turned on
    Moving slowly
    & by the numbers... more »

  • Things To Do On Speed

    mind clicks into gear
    & fingers clatter over the keyboard
    as intricate insights stream
    out of your head;... more »

  • To Southhampton

    Go Get in Volkswagen
    Ride to the Atlantic.
    Step out
    See... more »

  • Today's News

    My body heavy with poverty (starch)
    It uses up my sexual energy
    constantly &
    I feel constantly crowded... more »

  • Wrong Train

    Here comes the man! He's talking a lot
    I'm sitting, by myself. I've got
    A ticket to ride. Outside is, 'Out to lunch.'
    It's no great pleasure, being on the make.... more »