Ted Davis Biography

Born in Illinois, but never knew the State. Lived in various Midwestern towns and cities. Dropped out of school. Worked as a dishwasher in Chicago. Worked in factories in Indiana. Wandered to Sausalito in 1959. Worked briefly in San Anselmo. Then back across the country to New York City. Performed with amateur theatrical groups. Roamed around northern Mexico, from Chihuahua to Guadalajara. Worked as a freight-handler and served as a Union Rep in El Paso, Texas. More of the same in Tucson, AZ. Spent decades in San Francisco attempting to understand its appeal to me or anybody else. Jumped into information technology jobs back in the day when all that was required was the ability to format a diskette. Worked ten years as a Network Administrator for a Human Resources Department. Worked five years as a Network Administrator for San Francisco's Department of Juvenile Probation. Now retired and preparing to move to Mexico. Spent fifty years learning to read. Plan to spend the rest of my life learning how to write. Hope to do some Spanish-English translations of the unwritten stories of migrant workers.