• A Fly On The Nose

    Its looks are of a weakly object,
    But this I disagree and object.
    My hands are soiled but my nose itches,
    I cannot scratch and my tongue is short with inches.... more »

  • A Sandal And A Soul

    If anybody asks me what my father does, I will tell them that he is a cobbler,
    He sits down the corner and patiently awaits at his stand in anticipation of tending his master,
    Daily, he sips the foul smell of suffocated feet and dirty socks,
    He pierces through the leather, sometimes injuring his finger,... more »

  • Art Galore

    Everybody ogles about this topic,
    In hushed tones and wondrous thoughts they make this an epic,
    Hulling it through the hot deserts, tundras and even the tropic,
    Defying all odds and manners of logic.... more »

  • I Met A Love

    I met a love that my father would not allow,
    Her skin is light and she is shy at the sun,
    Her hair is golden and her eyes milk white,
    She applies a cream that evades the burns, and a hat that shelters her scalp,... more »

  • I Would Like To Be The President

    I would like to be the president,
    To put on the face of condemnation from my people, to make my hair style a source of criticism,
    To put on the shirt of a million expectations, and tie a cravat of strangling admiration,
    With a vest made of hot coal, to scorch my skin with the voices of the needy.... more »

  • Lye

    A story was told of a forbidden tale,
    A tale of two, upon who were cast a spell,
    A story of the mighty and feeble that no one could tell,
    A story whose pages were written in heaven, not in hell,... more »

  • The World's Most Valuable Day

    The day I was borne is the world's most valuable day,
    A day when a specific solution to a specific problem was born,
    A day that would be a bridge to other problem solvers to get close to their solution,
    A day that the world had to wait patiently to come to term,... more »