• ! *! Is My Heart Hard 2 Ignore! *!

    ! *! Is My Heart Hard 2 Ignore! *!
    My heart is so graceful, but simultaneously broken down by stress
    I recently was just born again from the ashes of hate,
    But for what?... more »

  • ღ *ღ It Never Dawned To Me *ღ * ღ * **

    It never dawned to me that you were having problems too

    I thought that I was in this by myself... more »

  • ? Questions?

    AS I laid there
    Nearly in the tranquility of death
    I remembered when you said...
    I love you... more »

  • 8th Grade

    We been through a lot togather
    As a collective whole
    But now we all shall go our seprate ways
    We are graduating and that's all i could say... more »

  • As I Stared

    As I stared in the darkness of your eyes
    What did I see? ?
    I saw this girl afraid to escape
    From all the imposed captivity... more »

  • Because Of You

    Because of you
    My life has been a living hell
    When I wasn't involved in you
    My life was well... more »

  • Been Thinking

    Ive been thinking about this all damn day

    The time when i touched your skin... more »

  • Cunfusion

    It was not so long ago
    when I thought I'd never meet someone like you.
    Wrong was I, thinking I'm in control
    Believing I'd never fall.... more »

  • Dangers The World Can Offer

    There I was
    Walking home late at night
    And there he was
    Holding her tight... more »

  • Dawn Of Unending Misery

    '“Never ever return”
    She wandered, hopelessly lost,
    Eyes of hostility staring me down.
    Her armor is battered... more »

  • Death


    Though I chose death instead of pointless pain,
    Please forgive the manner of my leaving.... more »

  • Did I Committ A Sin

    Im just astonished about the way you act
    Your love for me is true
    But how did we become detached
    Despite the feelings i hold within... more »

  • Disobedience

    Why do i always question myself
    When i should be questioning you
    Im so wrapped up in a four way of love
    I don't know what to do... more »

  • Every Time

    Every time we argue
    Every time
    I feel sorrow and pain
    Every time you lie... more »

  • Good - Bye

    I am so sorry
    But it is time to same good - bye
    Since I met you
    All I wanted to do was curl up and die... more »

  • Here You Go Again

    Here you go again
    Playing around
    Not taking life serious
    But look now... more »

  • Is This A Dream

    Is this a dream
    Where I wake up everyday lonely and depressed
    Or am i wide awake
    Just wondering around hopelessly... more »

  • Lets Lift Our Wings And Fly Away

    Lets lift our wings and fly away
    But lets not go so far
    I will cherish all the memeries we had
    For each and every day... more »

  • Life

    What is life?

    I don't know
    But I know I live... more »

  • Living In The World Alone

    ... more »

  • Look At Me Now, I Am Facing The Consequences

    Look at me now
    I am facing the consequences with the burdens I made
    Not just once, or twice
    Just every single day... more »

  • Look Into My Eyes

    Look into my eyes
    Stare at my soul
    Deep past the lies
    Past everything cold... more »

  • My Chance

    I got another chance

    'Another Chance for what' she asked... more »

  • My Journey

    My journey by far has been something I can't even describe
    It has made me stronger and wiser
    The people that I have met have brightened my day in a way that you will never imagine
    My hopes and drean has flourished as the days has gone by... more »

  • Pleasure Can Be Pain

    Pleasure can be pain
    Pleasure can be a game
    Pleasure can everything
    But when you find it... more »