temajung michael Biography

Temajung Michael T. was born in mendankwe, bamenda in cameroon in 1992 to the family of Mr Joe Ndifor Tanjang and Mrs Bih Emilia Tanjang. He was the third of three boys. He did his primary education at government practicing school atuakom and government primary school ntarche respectively where he obtained his first school leaving certificate in the year 2005.
From there he now went to government bilingual high school mendankwe where he obtained his ordinary level certificate in 2010. Two years later in high school, he obtained his advance level certificate in 2012.From there, he moved to the capital city yaounde where he enrolled in the university of yaounde 1 in the faculty of history. Currently (2014) he is in his second year in that university. he likes reading and he reads vigorously. he likes writing poems for pleasure even though very busy with school alonside other things, he still manages to write his feeling in what is called poetry. His first poem 'is there still hope? ? ' was a hit, since then he has been writing ever since when he has time out of his busy university schedule.