• Am Still In Love With You

    It wasn’t easy to fall in love with you,
    though your looks were always new.
    You won my heart with time
    but oh! then I had no money, no dine.... more »

  • Is There Still Hope? ?

    I beseech thee to answer
    is there still hope? ? ?

    Forgetting their vows of chaste they become lecherous... more »

  • Ode To Michael Jackson

    This icon was as noble as a king
    in many ways as wise as solomon
    but great was he like Chris Himself... more »

  • Why They Came To Africa

    Like the burglar thats attracted by money,
    like the thug that’s paid to kill,
    so they got enticed by our gold, our diamond and our oil.
    so they came to steal, to kill and to destroy us.... more »