Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight) November 16

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it is always best to work together to resolve problems to restore harmony rather than to stir dissension create havoc by playing blame games
Terence George Craddock
People will betray us disappoint us. Over time people will use us abuse us. But it is our decision judgement to trust interact with others. People of all races religions cultures are minds which will teach us also lessons in compassion and love. All people are personalities in flux, imperfect potentially ridden by emotions. Upon occasions, flash point dynamic moments, all may potentially hurt us. Therefore cultivate wisdom, strive to attain reason, balance kindness. Never calculate cultivate revenge. Return only good to others and ride the karma of a beautiful soul.
Terence George Craddock.
'writers paused too long in rest cease to be writers, writers must return to imaginative beckoning worlds of words, writers must write or lose themselves, an essential part of their being; writers must chase the falling leaves of words that entice to write out their existence'
Terence George Craddock

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There was a time when I wrote many poems with many different themes, all mixed together and it was not possible to easily choose specific themes, favourite themes to follow. Someone once critized me for just writing poems then neglecting them, not looking after them, doing anything with them. I thought it was enough to write and give freely. Now I will try to find time to put together and attempt to eventually publish five books, all with differing themes of nature, all interacting with the previous books, because the shift within these different interacting themes of nature; create stories and attain a rich perspective with multiple insights into nature and sometimes the interactive nature of humanity in past and contemporary societies. The first of these books 'Eagles Soar On High Thermals' is now available. If you want to enter into the beauty peace diversity of nature and also a few contemporary global issues involving contemporary global interaction with nature, then this book is a gift for you. The second book 'Ghost Eagle Still Flies Ghost Skies' which continue this exploration of nature and be available soon. Enjoy the read. http: //bookstore.balboapress.com/Products/SKU-001107317/Eagles-Soar-on-High-Thermals.aspx
A light in the darkest wilderness, A voice, and a song! Right beside you, brother!
Forward looking writers of your calibre are always welcome to do their best through poetry to higher level all the people of the world to live better as one humanity in One World! All the best always!
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