• A Way Out West

    I lost my love, a- way out west,
    Where the wind does howl at the sky's request.
    My gentel love from the deepest south,
    Had hair of gold and a heart shaped mouth.... more »

  • A Wedding Toast For The 21 Of December

    We celebrate your love today,
    A union on this shortest day,
    May God look down, and Angels sing,
    Blessings to your weddings rings.... more »

  • Agrarian Jeans

    Touch your dreams in designer jeans,

    Soft and tight like lovers hands,... more »

  • Alive And Sleeping

    On perilous roads, his soul never sleeps,
    Searching for some hallowed ground,
    He looks for an explanation,
    An end to his mortal sleep.... more »

  • All I Want For Christmas

    The snow is on the ground,
    Turkey a lovely brown,
    Love and laughter all around,
    But my baby can't be found.... more »

  • Ambition

    Darkly,... more »

  • Attic Ghosts

    There's ghosts in my attic,
    At night they do prance,
    The wind plays a ditty,
    They all start to dance.... more »

  • Autumn’s Blaze

    Flags of flying geese, waving in the sky,
    Heralding autumn, with cries loud and high.

    Green leaves turning red, orange, and yellow,... more »

  • Beyond Infinity

    Beyond Heaven's mystic space,
    Beyond Man's best thoughts,
    Beyond you, me, and Love,
    is... more »

  • Cajun Porch

    Birds a singin’ in de trees,
    Skiters buzzin’ in de breeze,
    Turtles sunnin’ on de logs,
    Pay no ‘tention to de dogs.... more »

  • Christmas- Remember...

    Wraped up like a gift, with the bow strung tight,
    Race from place to place, race against The Night.
    Presents to buy, cards to send, dinner to cook,
    Race against the clock, that's on sale, take a look.... more »

  • Crying The Blues In The City That Was

    High is the waxing, melting moon,
    Sad the smoked filled blues in the room,
    Through screaming hot tears,
    Softly I beseech you my love,... more »

  • Digital Journey~ Prelude~~ Kisses

    ... more »

  • Digital Journey~starts After The Kisses

    Fingers dance on mountain crests,
    Then through the valley pass,
    Glide in the silky meadow,
    On to the hill's sweet grass.... more »

  • Dominate Predator

    What man does not remember,
    He is doomed to repeat.
    It is what we have sown,
    It is thus that we reap.... more »

  • Dreams

    Fractured thoughts Spiraling...
    Spiraling to flaming dreams Surging,
    Surging feelings with dancing Thoughts,
    Thoughts exploding with visions Touching...... more »

  • Ex- Fashion Diva~what Happens After The Show

    Ahhhh, the life of a fashion divia, shop until U drop.
    I well remember those days, when I could really hop,
    Alas, my figure plumped, my hair now gray and thin,
    The deepest cut of all, are the shoes I now fit in.... more »

  • Forever In God's Care, Shells....Of Love

    Tangled and twisted,
    Forever untwined,
    Shrout and mist,
    Covers the mind.... more »

  • Golden Days

    Sonnets of penned passions,
    Sing of love's sweet song,
    Lingering memories of love,
    Golden days gone wrong.... more »

  • Hallowed Hills

    Walk softly ‘cross these hallowed hills,
    Wake not the spirits of dark chills.
    As night falls ‘cross these harvest fields,
    Where corn and soy, gave up their yields.... more »

  • Humanity Lost

    We touch, but never truely feel,
    We speak, but the words are not real,
    So busy we are with our life,
    We find no patience for your strife.... more »

  • Hurricane's Coming

    Board the windows, bar the door,
    Water and dry goods we now store,
    Clouds roll in, dark as dusk,
    As we pray, in God we trust.... more »

  • Indeference

    My eyes watched you from afar,
    With only love and desire,
    Hoping for some small kindness.
    I could not have loved you more.... more »

  • Innocence Lost

    Forgotten heros, forgotten glory,
    Young and eager, this is my story.
    I marched to war, so proud and so tall,
    Never knew, I'd return so small.... more »

  • Internal Fog

    My lungs choke on smoke,
    Dawn is bitter with regret,
    Death smothers safely there,
    In the fumes of my cigarette.... more »