Teresa Pascual Biography

Teresa Pascual was born in Grau de Gandia in 1952. She is a poet and translator.

Pascual has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Valencia and is a secondary school teacher in Gandia. She introduced herself as a poetess with her first book, Flexo, in 1988. Her poetry has received various awards, including the Crítica Serra d’Or. Of note among her work as a translator is the translation of the Poesia completa of Ingeborg Bachmann (1995) alongside Karin Shepers. Together with Lluïsa Julià she has written the essay Vosaltres, paraules: vint-i-cinc anys de poesia al País Valencià(Our words: Twenty-Five Years of Complete Poetry in the Lands of Valencia, 2003). Her work is featured in many foreign language anthologies.