• Beautiful

    Bewitched by intense eyes.
    Elated by wanting smiles.
    Amazed by hearty laughter.
    Untamed by human trials.... more »

  • Blooms Of Passion And Pain

    The garden was planted with love, passion, dreams and hope. Nuturing each blossom with tenderness and care. Allowing the sunshine to penatrate each petal, the rain to nourish each root.

    The garden bloomed, caressed with gentle breezes producing strong, healthy flowers, stamen and stems. The touch was soft, the fragrance intoxicating, the sight wonderous to behold.... more »

  • Cravings

    I see it
    I crave it
    I reach for it... more »

  • Daughter

    Her smile brightens the darkest of days
    blue eyes shining like the sun's rays.

    Her golden locks bouncing around her head... more »

  • Green Fields

    you could be quite the bull
    strong, powerful and well built in stature
    ready to find a heifer in heat
    the scent flowing up your nostrils... more »

  • Helpless

    He was my best friend
    He was my lover
    He was frustrated
    I couldn't help.... more »

  • It Doesn'T Really Matter

    Don’t ask me my name
    For it doesn’t really matter
    I’m here for your pride
    Strong and bold... more »

  • Montana Skies

    dusk - lying under the stars
    the sun’s rays waving on the horizon
    wolves howling to welcome the full moon
    quails scurrying chicks to the nest... more »

  • Rainbows

    The bulbs are planted side by side
    the dirt covered over in which they hide.
    They nourish each other to grow and bloom
    reaching higher and higher to escape the gloom.... more »

  • Senses

    The look
    Eyes searching the soul.
    The soul far beneath the surface.
    The surface normally hard and tough... more »

  • Summer

    Watching the beautiful stars at night... more »

  • The Night Sky

    The night sky is a beautiful sight
    all though it's not very bright.

    There are stars in the sky... more »

  • The Painting

    brushes of all sizes
    strokes moistening the canvas
    soft bristles reaching every inch
    it is wet... more »