• All Is Well

    All is well, no harm, no foul smell
    Have my eyes been closed all these years
    Now they are just beginning to open
    Seeing what was there all along... more »

  • Alone

    Here you are again – alone
    What else is new
    Your soul feels so empty
    I’ve seen some many things... more »

  • Beast

    Abandon all hope
    For all is lost
    Time has healed the savage beast
    Of her wild-eyed lust... more »

  • Cat's Meow

    You are the cat’s meow
    With your hair covering one eye
    Such a sexy babe
    Oh you furious feline... more »

  • His Whore

    One – two – three
    Now breathe
    That’s it
    Don’t let your heart go too fast... more »

  • Who Are You

    Who are you
    No reply reaches my ears
    Again, I shout
    Nothing silence is all around... more »