I am 16, going on 17, I love poetry. I am also into hair.....I've died mine for about 47 times, I like artwork as well, although i can't draw myself, I still enjoy greatly looking at it. I have no idea of what i want to be when older, but i would like to atleast write a book of my life, cause i once was told that the best thing to write is of what you already know and i think my life story could be quite interesting for i had not a normal child hood. And I deeply appreciate any comments you all may have of what your liking is to my poems, I mostly write what ever comes to me, and i know i haven't got much talent but still i enjoy expressing myself through writing, so enjoy......and let me know what you think.


Teresa Sykes Poems

Haunting Memories

I lay awake straining to hear even the slightest noise.
What happened to the happiness, what happened to the joys
When I feel pain and fear, I think of you
How could you do this, would you like this to happen to you... more »

3i Love You3

When I think of you I get a feeling of happiness
What have I done so right to get this
Every day every minute you’re always on my mind
When I want to smile, your face is what I find... more »

: (I'M Sorry: (

I'm sorry for the way I am
I'm sorry for not being beautiful
I'm sorry for being lame
I'm sorry for making things complicated... more »

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