• A Beautiful Star 'stella'

    She carries a large burden as she walks among the other stars, stars that just float through life. She never complains about the burden she carries, she only waits for instructions in life to take care of the other stars that need her.

    As she takes care of each burden on her, her load is a little lighter for awhile, but as she is not looking the burden grows again, because, she is a chosen star among the stars that just float.
    The beautiful star called Stella is always feeding those that come to her hungry, always ready with clothes for those that come to her naked, those that need comfort she is there. Her hands are never empty for other stars.... more »

  • A Special Thing

    To be moved by someone and want them in your life is a special thing; but, to be moved in only one way is not a thing to build on.

    A friend as well as a lover is best, and, to laugh on top of that is even more icing on the cake in a relationship.... more »

  • Always

    You said 'always.'..people use always so quickly in declaring their undying love or want of another..someone always get's hurt.
    We get caught up in our desire's of another and want to tell them 'I will love you always.' or 'I will be there for you always.' so easy to say, and so easy to forget.
    Always...such a lovely word, so secure in it's use.. how can anyone resist.. we want to hear that word used in talking to us..make us warm and safe..tell us, we don't have to be alone anymore..ohh but how fickle we all are...we can use that word to other's just as easy.
    If only I did not weaken when that word was used.. If i could just be strong and hold a part of me to the side and wait..til the boom of the let down surfaced and I would not be so hurt. I could say..'yes, I knew it was coming.'... more »

  • Blinder's

    Why go about with your eyes open wide and exposed for all to see: you look back and fall in the wiles of the evil ones..the one's that play you for all their glory and make you do all their biddding while they are interested in you... but, remember there comes the day they throw you aside.

    Wear only blinder's so you might see only what is in front of you and you can stop and look down to let the evil pass; for only with the blinder's are you safe from them.... more »

  • Can Forgiveness Be The Answer?

    To forgive someone is alot easier than you think.
    To say I am sorry is even easier.
    Can forgiveness be the answer?
    Yes it can be..just do it.... more »

  • Do I Dare

    As long as i can remember i have not know true love.
    I met you and love is knocking at the back door of my mind.
    Do i dare..think for one moment it could be true?
    That i could possiblely be in love?... more »

  • Family's

    Why? Does your family drive you crazy....you leave your first home
    to escape your parents, because they don't understand you.

    Do you join the military or run away to another state and get a job, or do you get married for all the wrong reason's and end up divorced?... more »

  • Getting Old

    Who is the man with little grey hair
    Who is the man, wearing away and nobody cares
    Who is the man with very bad eyes
    Who is the man who gives out sighs... more »

  • Gone

    There's no more time...he's gone
    I still have words I could have shared.
    I let the time slip by, but, I was afraid of what he would say.
    I wanted to have him look at me and finally tell me the truth.... more »

  • He Call's Me Friend

    I wanted more, but he call's me friend.
    I fell for him and thought he felt the same, but he call's me friend.
    I had hoped he would stay, but he call's me his friend.
    I have to let him go.... more »

  • His Loss

    He made me think I was the only one.
    He led me where I wanted to be for him.
    But, really I allowed him to do this to me.
    How can i blame him for what I let happen to me, sweet memories..... more »

  • His Promise's

    The beginning was a wonderful world for her..to be loved by one so beautiful in his way...He was going to make it all go away, all the pain in her life. Surround her with his love, his arm's. Protect her from all harm, give her the moon.

    Why did he make all those promise's.. after he hit her, why more promise's.. after he threw her out the door in the cold. Why promise's after he took a drink and slapped her across her face he was suppose to love...... more »

  • His Touch

    His touch let's me know im wanted..
    His touch leads me further to my destiny..
    My head bow's as my knee's bend to His touch..
    My will is given to Him to guide me to what i can only imagine will be wonderful as His touch.... more »

  • How Like A Child I Still Believed

    What happened?
    My mind has become unfogged today, I see what I have been blind to all these years.
    I wish I had seen all this falsehood when I was young enough to have made amends to some and walked away from others.
    How like a child I was.... more »

  • I Loved Once

    I was young and he was young, both not over eightteen..we were oversea's when we met..I as an army brat, him as a young man in the Air Force..knowing no more about love than I did.
    We were in a strange country with ways we did not understand..we stood close.

    I loved once...a soldier and he held my hand in the Air Force theatre that showed movie's or had the USO shows to entertain..or the church services on Sunday mornings.... more »

  • I Remember Them

    The name's are different.
    The sweet talk is different.
    The looks are different.
    The age's are different.... more »

  • Is It Possible

    I met you one day and you were so gentle in your conversation...
    You didnt rush me..You asked me about myself like you were interested..
    You made me feel lovely and wanted for myself..
    Is it possible you could really want me?... more »

  • Is Sorry The Right Word?

    I don't know what I did to have you turn away from me.
    I thought we had something.
    I must have done something wrong.
    One day you were all attentive, the next day out of the blue you were just polite...... more »

  • It Still Hurt's

    How many time's do you fall in love with him?
    How many time's do you let a person crush your heart?
    How many way's are there to make your burden more than you can bare?... more »

  • Like The Waves

    You wanted me..I wanted you..
    I had no respect for myself; if you said do this or do that..I did.
    Why must it come to this? Why can't I stand up for myself?
    I watch outside the window..and see the waves hit the shore;... more »

  • Love Hurt's

    Do I dare love again?
    Oh I want to...he's so wonderful; he listen's to me; he says he care's; he want's me with him.

    Love hurt's I remember some of it...at least it hurt me.... more »

  • Love Yesterday, Friends Today

    The beginning was a love to be..a love we both wanted.
    Love was yesterday.. and friends today.. if we can be.
    It's a strain on us both.. trying to forget what we said in the beginning.
    Love was yesterday, and friends are what we are today.... more »

  • Me

    I am me,
    a mother, a woman, a person of idea's.
    I am the daughter of her and him.
    A lover of art's of music and books.... more »

  • My Friend From Ireland

    He sing's to my soul;
    He makes me weak in my knee's;
    He see's inside of me,
    He let's me be me.... more »

  • No Looking Back

    All is well, all is done, I will not look back for there is no use in suffering anymore.

    I have played the fool long enough.
    Love is not to be or come my way, maybe a friend will appear to me one day.... more »