• No More Will I Listen

    You did a good job on me.
    You had me fooled at every corner.
    You did all the talking and I agreed.
    No more will I listen to your lie's.... more »

  • No One Asked Me

    To be or not to be, no one asked me.
    I am sure there was a plan somewhere and hopefully I will fit in, but right now I don't know what it is that I am suppose to do, be it here or there.

    For what am I without a reason for existing?... more »

  • Oh Joy, Oh Joy

    Oh joy, oh joy, don't leave just yet, linger on awhile and wash my days with a mist of morning dew..just enough to make me feel alive and full of you.
    Oh joy, oh joy, i strech and purr like a kitten after her nap knowing you are nearby with a touch so soft and yet so familiar with my every aches and make them enhanced and slide on to a ride that won't stop until i reach that place of bliss where you never know if you will find your way back.
    Oh joy, oh joy, stay awhile longer please..don't hasten to leave me yet,
    The after glow may stay to put us both to sleep and a smile on our faces and warmth running through our bodies like a river down a hill, so smooth and ever changing.... more »

  • Submissive

    Am I? Was I? Have I changed?
    What happened to that girl who wanted only what other's wanted;
    to serve and please.... more »

  • The Dominant Male

    Oh this man of order's and dismay; with the strenght and no
    wisdom of what he has.. is beyond me.
    He struts his stuff and beats his chest, He barks and howls at
    the night; but his bark is all; for he has no bite.... more »

  • The Man

    He's so cold, the man.
    He's so hard, the man.
    He's so blind to your want's and needs..
    He don't understand what you have to say..or he don't want to... more »

  • The One I'M Searching For

    He is out there..my lost love..but, where?
    My lost love is tall and big with large hands and brown hair and brown eyes..
    My lost love is Italian decent or maybe he is Irish as myself. But, American born and raised.
    My lost love is Leo or Scorpion..he's wild and hot blooded.... more »

  • Things Are Not What They Seem

    Things are not always what they seem, love is
    a thing of the mind and heart.
    With love we look and see what our mind tells
    our eyes, so wonderful a sight, and then our... more »

  • Time Is?

    Time is everlasting and we are vessels with soul's floating throught this life, with our expectations of what will be or what will we make of it.

    Some of us use time here living life to the fullest, enjoying all that life offers.
    Some of us use our time working and achieving great awards for our work and we glow in the praise we receive from our peers..... more »

  • To Know Love

    One day I may know love; that day will speak to me as no other day ever did.
    One day I may know love; I wonder, is it possible?

    To know love..is it grand as they say..is it earth shattering.. does it make you giddy..will I want to love everyone around me..will my toe's curl?... more »

  • Twisted Love

    I gave you my love and my trust
    Then you abused it with all your angry fuss
    All your anger left me confused
    Leaving me in tears and my body bruised... more »

  • Why Did He Speak To Me

    Why did he speak to me, was it to confuse me?
    He let me know it was all a fantasy to him, nothing was real to him, just words.
    But, he knew it was real to me and he let it go on for his pleasure.... more »

  • Will Happiness Come My Way?

    If I could just understand why I push them away.
    They get close and I put up walls.
    I'm afraid of commitment.
    I dread what they expect from me.... more »

  • You Were All To Me

    How do you get over someone you fell in love with and gave your mind heart and soul to?
    Do you say 'You were all to me' but, 'now your nothing'...
    Do you forget how much you loved that person and gave your all.. your trust.. just to have it all taken away..?... more »