• A Tragic Gift Of Beauty

    Something dark and empty, smiles above a fire,
    A life of blossomed petals dies within the liar,
    To test a firm foundation; to flourish or to wilt,
    These tiny vines of colour, towards the fire tilt.... more »

  • Alone With Me

    We’re standing here.
    You look towards the light.
    And back to the shadows.... more »

  • Found Alone

    Blackened darkness all around, with no-one here to make a sound,
    And through the bruise you search for light, someone to hear your cries at night.
    But no-one sees through tight shut eyes, and blissfully they hear your lies.
    Please speak to me, and listen hard, I won’t tell you through splintered guard.... more »

  • Life Of The Living

    I chose to make a silent plea, to the Gods above that look down on me,
    And I thought they ignored all the soul in my voice, and I thought that it meant it was always my choice,
    So I chose to shred and slash and tear, at the peace in my life that I thought didn't care,
    And I chose what I thought was the greatest goodbyes, in a destructive path full of deceit and lies.... more »

  • No Love Lost Here

    Through my mind your words do play, every second, every day,
    And these vines they wrap and tightly bound, around this soul a choking sound.
    But here I stay with no escape, refused resistance, pressured nape.
    Whilst in the distance, someone plays, mindless games, unknown betrayed.... more »

  • One Person Will See

    I'm searching for something, a break in the wind,
    To lull all the feelings, of letting you in.
    A frost is spreading across the thin ice,
    So off people walk away from the night.... more »

  • Shallow Grave

    Something in the darkness, weeps silent tears of sin,
    To release the hardened surface, of not letting you in.
    Everyone is looking for a smile, a laugh, a prayer.
    Without this they see nothing, and leave without a care.... more »