• 1/31/2008

    today i learned alot
    i have never realized
    how much he cares
    i give him props... more »

  • 2/23/2008

    Today is that day
    that one that i had to say
    i sorry for doing things my way
    Today is that day... more »

  • 2/26/2008

    things are getting harder
    i dont know whats happening
    i am becoming farther
    farther away from treatment... more »

  • Again

    why did i fall for it again
    why did i make myself start to begin
    i wish i could have her again
    i wish we could go another round... more »

  • All My Life

    All my life
    i held back the tear's
    i hold back in fear... more »

  • Can'T Wait For This

    everyday i wish i was there
    everyday i hope to wake up
    with you by my side
    i build up my pride... more »

  • Dad

    today was a good day
    the first time i seen you
    i wanted to cry
    i had not seen you... more »

  • Dope

    everyday i live in pain
    everyday i shot up my vein
    everyday i hate
    everyday i ate... more »

  • Everyday

    everyday i live in hell
    everyday i get saved by the bell
    everyday i want to run
    everyday i want a gun... more »

  • Everyday Why?

    every day goes by
    know body knows why
    why i feel this way
    or why i do the things i do... more »

  • Hard Times

    times get hard
    i run away
    feel the pain
    i get high... more »

  • Im Gone

    the day i left
    it was a day that changed my life
    lost the life of a teenage kid
    the kid that did what he wanted... more »

  • Jail Cell

    sitting in class
    living life like a broken piece of glass
    never knowing when that glass is going to be a straight piece
    a piece where everything goes right... more »

  • Phillip Dalsing

    today was a crazy day
    you helped me pay
    my respects to you... more »

  • Running Life

    days float like air
    days go by like the speed of light
    like the light that's never seen
    people take advantage over life... more »

  • Skate Life

    everyday its me and my board
    everyday i skate
    skate the life
    life of a skater... more »

  • That Girl

    There is this girl
    i wish i could just say
    that i want her to stay
    on my mind... more »

  • The Free

    today is the day i will live
    live the life of a free
    and never see
    behind me... more »

  • The Life

    days go by, i ask why
    why did it have to be him
    that day my life changed, changed forever
    its like a day that never stops... more »

  • The Love

    everyday i wish i could be there
    everyday i miss out on you growning up
    everyday i miss the new things you learn
    everyday i miss you... more »

  • The New Life

    this life is new
    its new to me and you
    no one ever thought i would do it
    but i have the choice to prove them wrong... more »

  • Time Flys

    everyday i wish i could go
    go with you
    or just be there
    but no im stuck here... more »

  • What Come's Next?

    What come's next
    is it the cop's
    is my life going for hop's... more »

  • What Ever It Takes

    I will do what ever it takes
    to make it for me to go home
    or to let me be free
    i just wish that i can be... more »

  • Why? ? ? ?

    why is it so hard
    why do i have to live with gaurds
    all i ask is why
    why do you make it this way... more »