• my Springtime

    Springtime has come cause

    The grass is turning green and the flowers... more »

  • A Mother’s Love

    Hey mother thank you for
    Giving me tough love and for... more »

  • Easter Love

    Easter is time a year that
    Kids do Easter eggs hunts... more »

  • I Stand An Alone

    When I thought I had a friend to talk to when I need to vent but I guess I was wrong

    On the other hand, when I was going through some tough times thought I could turn to my number one friend... more »

  • My Burning Heart

    You know love burns to the bone. Because
    My first love I have treated badly I mean bad
    Then we split up for eight long years.
    After all the screw up crap, I put her through... more »

  • My Crying Heart

    I'm so depressed about things
    I worry about others I love so much
    My heart starts to cry as sometime I do
    My husband hold me and show he cares... more »

  • My Dark Room

    When I’m stressed I
    Sit in the dark and think... more »