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Terry Donovan is one of the treasures of Poemhunter, and I think I speak for all readers. A humourist with style and humanity. May your bike run smoothly on a full tank.
Terry, I just happened to see a new poem of yours, and I read it. After I'd read the one, I had to read a couple more of them- they're awesome! You have a special style about your poetry that really draws the reader in. -James
I loved this so much Terry! It hit so close to home for me. My heart skipped a beat! I love reading you!
Hi Terry! Excellent. Not that I am a critic. Great read!
Hello to you...Terry Donovan, .....i was shuffling through., me own pages...Then returned home. Noticed the title of your poem.., it drew me in... .....i'am glad..it did...Your poem, felt wonderful...to read.
Your writting gives me a strong sense of a monologue... I don't know if it's done on purpose, but it's very unique. A poem that feels like a conversation...