Terry Eagleton Biography

Terence Francis 'Terry' Eagleton (born 22 February 1943) is an English literary theorist and critic, widely regarded as the United Kingdom's most influential living literary critic. Eagleton is currently Distinguished Professor of English Literature at Lancaster University; Professor of Cultural Theory at the National University of Ireland and Distinguished Visiting Professor of English Literature at The University of Notre Dame.

Formerly Thomas Warton Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford (1992–2001) and John Edward Taylor Professor of Cultural Theory at the University of Manchester (2001-2008) Eagleton has held visiting appointments at universities around the world including Cornell, Duke, Iowa, Melbourne, Notre Dame, Trinity College Dublin, and Yale.

Eagleton has published over forty books, including The Ideology of the Aesthetic (1990), and The Illusions of Postmodernism (1996), although he remains best known for Literary Theory: An Introduction (1983). A dedicated Marxist literary critic, in 2011 he published an apology for the philosopher entitled Why Marx Was Right.

Eagleton delivered Yale University's 2008 Terry Lectures and the 2010 Edinburgh Gifford Lecture entitled The God Debate. He gave the 2010 Richard Price Memorial Lecture at the historically radical Newington Green Unitarian Church, speaking on "The New Atheism and the War on Terror".