• - : P -

    To run with the wind
    Fly like a bird
    you most first
    dive into the dark... more »

  • #nletters

    7 suns
    7 moons
    7 rings of gold circling you
    lost is your way 721 is the time of day... more »

  • $$$$$$$$$

    I would like to use
    big words that
    explain indepth
    how you this world... more »

  • ?

    even though you maybe
    half of what she ment to me
    it reflects whats left of me
    a mirror around my heart... more »

  • 10 Cents

    Drunk and alone
    the only thing
    I want is to go home
    traped inside... more »

  • 155

    As the man made smoke
    rolls over the village
    what fear shakes their door
    as a cloudless day turns into... more »

  • 2 Halfs Broken Hearts

    Even if I could fly
    I would never
    be able to touch the sky
    for your eyes... more »

  • 2 Part

    From the frame of my babe
    I can feel a need to love uncondtionaly
    To fall asleep in her soft and tender arms
    watching as the sky turns dark... more »

  • 2 What Is Their

    I stair at the sunset
    in the dawn
    and watch the sunrise
    in the dusk... more »

  • 24 Going On 40

    keep your comments to yourself
    the pain that is in my foot
    that rolls to my calf and ends in my back
    belongs to me... more »

  • 69

    make a Choice and choose to live within that moment for the rest
    of your life
    second guessing
    only hurts... more »

  • A Prayer For Those

    From the darkest part
    of my heart
    to the sharpest point
    in my mind... more »

  • A Sand Glass

    forks in the road change the paith
    life goes through an hour glass
    and as the sands of time pass by
    one wonders if life will always... more »

  • A Women Has To Cry

    The weeping of my lover's heart
    can set a fire in my mind

    I can change the world for her... more »

  • A,100 Million

    with a blood red eye stare
    as though the devil himself
    was felt in the air
    a fog on top of a mountain... more »

  • Already Dead

    ... more »

  • Animal Abuse

    As the warm weather heats the ground at my feet
    Donkeys shaking at their knees
    worked to death not given food to eat
    as they carry the load from the work day full... more »

  • Answer To All

    kick and swear
    I am not
    going any-where
    hate me all you want... more »

  • As The World Looks To The East

    From a point to top
    the bottom always drops
    mind over matter
    a person never can flatter... more »

  • Ash N Dust

    BEFOR YOU CAN'T SEE... more »

  • Bar Seen

    I am single
    I am a war
    I will fight
    if at all only one night... more »

  • Blue Heart

    I do not know when
    I do not know where
    I do not know how
    I do not know who... more »

  • Brick Walls

    I will always love the thought
    that never comes to mind
    shadows of memories
    in almost what i would... more »

  • Cell Phone

    With the press of a button
    I can tell you all my secrets
    that I hold inside
    I can share... more »

  • Clay Tile

    As may I live
    so shall I die
    to all is what was
    gone forever just because.... more »