• A Brand New Day!

    Glistening sunshine on my porch,
    Taking me with it a brand new start.
    My spirit is bright and the birds are on flight.... more »

  • A Child In Me

    This is a day to remember,
    A joyful day in winter,
    As I walked in the fallen snow,
    Upon the hills I go.... more »

  • A Child Is A Promise

    A child is a promise of tomorrow.
    Their eyes, tender and innocent,
    Brings tiding to a mother’s heart.
    In the end a warrior will he become.... more »

  • A Dream

    A coveted night in the isle of passion
    A tangible taste of lucid dreams
    Like in a “suspension animation”
    Hand in a pose somewhat fearful –... more »

  • A Mentor

    From this day on
    You inspired me to be a poet,
    Here I unleashed my thoughts.
    They rang bravely... more »

  • A Mother's Prayer

    Dear God should I weep?
    Or shall I whip her with a rod?
    When my daughter is not listening to me.
    It’s breaking me apart.... more »

  • A Perfect Woman

    The white pearls perfectly sits in her ears.
    She looks elegant adorned from head to toe,
    Envied by many girls her beauty is flawless.
    I wonder what men think of her?... more »

  • A Pink Rose

    I close the gap between you and me,
    Victor is my vigor, of a dying ember.
    ‘Twas so my love,
    Countenance of beauty, smiles evoked... more »

  • A Prayer

    Father let me hear your

    Voice when doubts overshadow me.... more »

  • A Song In The Storm

    Shout a song in the storm,
    When winter season comes by
    When mountain is high
    And hope is passing you by.... more »

  • A Tragic Moment

    Life is bold beneath a tragic memory
    It unveils strength, a gateway for change.
    Tears is a passage for a smile,
    Casting shadows of a new life.... more »

  • A Transgressor, And Transgression

    A man is like a fleeting shadow,
    Quickly he enters this earth and banished away.
    Like a “phantom of the opera.”
    Like dew in the morning then breath is taken.... more »

  • A Wondrous Creation

    I am greeted as I stepped out my doorstep.
    A wondrous creation! It’s summer.
    Oh! Such a vast expanse painted by a creator.
    Rolling hills, mountains, and evergreen... more »

  • A Young Jewel

    Sweet vine around her neck
    Garland of beautiful bloom of roses
    Beads adorned her black hair.
    Lipstick of a rose’ pink petal... more »

  • Ahhh! Love

    Ah! Love burning deep
    Like a mountain side,
    Purest like a cotton,
    Two souls colide... more »

  • An Enigma Of Today

    There’s moment of sorrow
    Clouding the day ahead,
    Turning upside down –
    The ecstasy behind –... more »

  • Angel's All Around Me

    I did not second guess;
    My Pastor challenged us
    To thank someone today.
    Who made a difference in our lives,... more »

  • Art Work Of My Heart

    Love, is for a life time I was told.
    My dear, it is forever as we hold hands.
    Reaffirm, he kissed me and fear dissolved,
    Clouds disappear, blue sky smiles,... more »

  • Be Faithful

    Honey what are you looking for?
    This body of mine is always yours.
    Nothing compared to this legs of mine,
    As we tango in love... more »

  • Begging For More

    The first time I saw you,
    My heart beat like a drum.
    Like a dream in a maze,
    You came to me..... more »

  • Beware

    Sinuous body of a woman,
    Flirtatious it seems as she walks- in.
    Pivotal movement in her hips,
    It takes a man by surprise.... more »

  • Beyond Border

    Beyond borders is a possibility
    Of Love or hate.
    A song bird sings
    A lullaby resonate.... more »

  • Bungalow House By The Ocean

    You and I, inside a white mosquito net
    Sleeping on a wooden floor.
    Oceans whispering waves,
    Listening to the window of our hearts,... more »

  • Caffeine Connection

    I feel the rain on my face
    Cold and misty day in the forest.
    Almost mysterious
    Like my personality,... more »

  • Caged Not Free

    Hostage in my own Cocoon,
    No voice, mute of circumstanced.
    Shroud of darkness is over me,
    I am unable to speak my mind.... more »